Accreditation is an insurance policy; it ensures the quality of your education. Accreditation is voluntarily sought by educational institutions to demonstrate to students, employers, and other schools the legitimacy and quality of their academic and vocational programs.

Both local, “brick-and-mortar" schools and online schools can seek and maintain accreditation. Because of the relatively low overhead cost to start an "online college" compared to the massive investment required for a ground school, accreditation is even more important for online educators. Choosing an accredited online school means choosing an institution that is established, curriculum that is appropriate and accurate, and faculty who are knowledgeable, respected, and certified. Educational choices are important and expensive; if you're choosing an online educator it's important to understand that an accredited institution carries a guarantee of quality that non-accredited institutions do not. With an accredited institution, you can be certain that your degree will be of high quality and that you will receive a solid, effective education. There is no such assurance of capability or quality at a non-accredited institution.