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A Flexible Alternative: Business School Online

Online education is an expansive and dynamic style of learning that provides students with the accessibility and flexibility they need to earn a degree of any level in their chosen program. The brick-and-mortar learning format is not for everyone, and online learning provides the professional business student with a rigorous learning regimen while allowing them to maintain a demanding schedule, a full-time job, a life.

Many prospective professional-students may be wary of the online business school format. Will my education be of the same quality as the education offered at an established brick-and-mortar university? Will I be able to learn as well in the online format as I would with the face-to-face learning offered at a campus-based university? The fact is, distance learning is more representative of the realities of an increasingly distanced workforce than the lecture halls of a ground school. As any MBA student will tell you, the internet is changing the game. Near-limitless potential for innovation in marketing, sales, customer service, and digital distribution are dictating a changing business environment. It is a work environment in which online alumni may be more comfortable and experienced than their ground school peers. It’s also a work environment that business professionals must be adept at to succeed in whatever line of business they are in, or hope to be in. Getting acquainted to the modern tools of the trade through natural interaction with your classes will undeniably add to your professional ability as you move through the ranks in your company, or begin your own.

The U.S. Department of Education conducted a study in 2009 (Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning) in which face-to-face learning, the traditional learning format of a ground school, was compared to online education, or “distance learning.” The findings were monumental in terms of support for online education: not only did online students learn as well as face-to-face students, they often learned and performed better. The rapid growth of online education as a means of earning a degree further supports these findings.

By taking advantage of the technology available right at their fingertips, through the internet, online learners are able to continually advance their career studies, eventually earning the degree that will make them a legitimate player in their chosen career field. With online education, everything you need to achieve your career goals is as close as your computer. Online degree programs strategically personalize and tailor the learning experience to each student’s specific needs. With online education, you have alternatives, you have choices.

Business professionals in the field, as well as your instructors, will tell you how important it is to be savvy with the web at all levels. You can turn your classroom experience into a valuable tool to use in your search for a new career or to leverage yourself higher in the company you’re at now. The modern marketplace is constantly changing – new rules, new modes of communication, new strategies. Be part of the changes taking place and learn them first-hand by pursuing an online business degree.

Working Toward Your Dream Job

The men and women who have these high-paying, dynamic jobs in the private sector did not get them because they are lucky – they got them because they had the vision to see the road towards their career destination and the work ethic to walk it.

More often than not, the straightest road to that destination is through education. Whether you’re a working professional interested in earning an MBA, an accountant seeking to specialize, or an entrepreneur trying to establish credentials and procure financing, continued formal education will qualify you for the career you want, prepare you for a competitive labor market, and significantly increase your paycheck. The BLS also makes a point to note that many of the most desirable and lucrative positions in the private sector now usually REQUIRE advanced degrees for the candidate to even be considered.

Education IS the Difference

Education Pays

It’s easy to see that the more educated you are, the more secure your job will be, and the more money you’ll make. But education has never made more of a difference than it does today: according to the National Center for Education Statistics,, in 1980 a male worker with a high school diploma or GED made a median of $41,400; his female counterpart made $26,900. A man in 1980 who worked for a bachelor’s (or higher) degree, bumped his earnings up to $48,900, an increase of “only” $7,500. By 2006, a male worker with a high school education was making only $30,000, while his more-educated neighbor was making $50,000 a year, a whopping 60% or $20,000 more. The trends are similar for female workers.

Earnings by Educational Achievement

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

The point is, there is a gap: in earnings, in opportunities, in job security. There’s a gap, and it’s growing. The more educated you are, the better positioned you will be for higher pay, a better job, and a more rewarding life.

Satisfied or not with your current employment, the possibility of career advancement or a significant raise is unlikely without a college degree. In whatever you do, raw talent will only take you so far. You may be a talented self-taught accountant, but to land a lucrative position with a serious accounting firm, you may need the training and legitimacy earned through continued education.

The desirability of a degree is a no-brainer, but the problem for many people is a perceived inability to fit more schooling into the framework of an already busy and demanding work and personal life, and to make it financially possible. The finances are often easy – elsewhere on this Web site we’ll show you how to qualify for federal aid and school loans. Finding the time to complete a degree may seem even more daunting. If you have a fast-paced life which demands flexibility and the drive to pursue a degree that will launch you in a new career – or advance your current career – online education may be the answer.